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Automated background checks - easy and secure

P-Secure is a Danish-developed case management system that enables companies and authorities to conduct background checks on applicants, employees and suppliers on their own - easily and securely.

P-Secure platform

Automated background checks have many benefits for both company and applicant

In a world where safety and trust are paramount, automated background checks play a key role in creating a safe and reliable work environment

Tailor-made screenings

With P-Secure, you can tailor background checks to your business needs. You can make different screening categories yourself based on the individual background check.

Background Check Scheduling

With P-Secure, you can easily schedule background checks on your employees and ensure the integrity of your company


Easy compliance with GDPR, regulatory requirements and auditing.


P-Secure offers an easy-to-use case management system to handle many simultaneous background checks.


All background checks are done with the consent of the person being checked.


All background checks are conducted based on predefined screening criteria and verified data sources.

Safe, efficient, automatic

Automate and collect all your company's background checks in one place with P-Secure.

P-Secure is used in many different sectors

Here are some of the many companies that have chosen our solution for their specific needs.

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Easily integrate with your own systems

Our API generator makes it easy to integrate P-Secure into your company's HR system. In this way, background checks can be performed as a single and effective part of the hiring process.

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Relevant for mange brancher

P-secure kan tilpasses til de særlige krav og procedurer, der er gældende for netop din branche.

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Luftfart & Luftfragt

Luftfartsindustrien skal opfylde EU-krav ved at udføre udvidede baggrundskontroller, som inkluderer verifikation af identitet, gennemgang af CV'er og kontrol af straffeattester.

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Transport og logistik

I transport- og logistikbranchen stilles ofte krav til kørekort, opholds- og arbejdstilladelse samt straffeattest af sikkerheds- og forsikringsmæssige årsager.

A bunch of construction workers seen from above

Regulated Agents

Mange virksomheder arbejder med kendte kunder, også kendt som trusted/regulated agents, som er nøje udvalgte partnere, leverandører og agenter, der har adgang til virksomhedens lokationer og ressourcer.

A bunch of construction workers seen from above


Mange håndværksvirksomheder mødes med forventninger om baggrundstjek af ansatte. P-Secure udbydes til håndværksbranchen gennem platformen E-Komplet.

Why use P-Secure for background checks?

Companies are increasingly meeting demands and expectations to perform background checks on their employees and suppliers. There are many reasons to perform background checks - from security concerns to corporate reputation

Minimize risk

Minimize the risk of fraud, financial crime, or similar situations that may adversely affect your business.

Evaluate Applicant

Assess an applicant's suitability for a position by verifying various aspects with importance both for the quality of employment and insurance issues.

Meet legal requirements

Ensure compliance with the new EU directives NIS2 and CER with our critical infrastructure enterprise solution and protect your business from future risks.

Schedule background checks

Ensure the integrity of your company with our service, which offers scheduled and repeated background checks on employees - an indispensable tool for reliable and safe employment.

Case management

Streamline your case management with our system that streamlines processes and ensures fast and accurate follow-up on each case, vital for any organization that prioritizes efficiency and quality in their workflow.

Handle all screenings

As an administrator, you can form an overview of the company's background checks at any time and make informed decisions based on the applicant's information.

Keep track of your data

Strengthen your company's data security with our P-Secure. We guarantee the protection of your data and compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Want to know more about P-Secure?

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Everything you need to know about P-Secure and automated background checks.

What is P-Secure?
P-Secure (often written as Psecure) is a platform for handling automated background checks, including verifying identity, résumé, criminal record, and more. P-Secure helps companies and organizations streamline and automate background checks on both new and existing employees.
How many screenings can I do per month?
How many screenings you can do in a month or a year depends on the subscription you choose.
Can P-Secure be integrated into our HR system?
Yes. After integration, information from applicants can be transferred directly to your HR system.
P-Secure also has an API generator so that your company can connect to your HR system itself so that cases can be created from here.
Why do background checks need to be done?
Background screening of applicants and employees is an important process that can help employers make more informed hiring decisions and reduce the risk of workplace injury. Read more about background checks here.

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Does your company need an external assessment?

If your company wants to outsource the task in whole or in part, P-Secure can get professional assistance to assess individual cases.

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Our Partnerships

Read more about P-Secure's strategic partnerships below.



Every industry and company is different. Choose just the setup and screening types necessary to protect your business.

PwC is P-Secure's implementation partner. PwC offers to design, facilitate, advise and ensure best practice and compliance with regulatory requirements in the implementation of P-Secure
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The craft industry

E-Komplet is a Danish-developed ERP solution for the craft industry that helps streamline and optimize companies' administrative tasks.

Through the partnership between E-Komplet and P-Secure, it is now possible to order background checks on your employees directly from the E-Komplet platform
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